UUWD Update: Passwords

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April 18th, 2009 11:24 am

So, I “cleverly” avoided making a saving system with something that actually turned out becoming harder than just regular saving: Level passwords. Each level has it’s own password, and if you enter the password into the menu, it goes to that level. Seen it before, right? Well, I took it to the next level.

The next level would be file writing. After quitting each level, it will tell you the password of the level. Then, it asks you if you want to save that password onto password.txt. If you say yes, it will write the password of the current level to password.txt, otherwise it won’t. Then, in the password section of the menu that allows to to go to a level, it will show the default password as whatever it reads in password.txt. Thus, the password default is the most previously saved-at level. Convenient. Unfortunately, this took a huge chunk of development time – I’m still working on level 3.

Also, I ate a pizza slice for lunch. I don’t have a camera, so no pic. :(

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