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April 18th, 2009 4:25 pm

I used Senocular’s KeyObject Class for the key presses, FYI.

Game with or without sources? (EDIT: Or in a page, with it the right size, etc?)

Rather simple game, just use the up and down arrow keys to move, and avoid the rectangles that are coming for you. You have 5 lives. You are the circle. The game gets rather hard pretty quickly too, so post your scores! You get one point for each ‘wall’ you sucessfully avoid.


6 Responses to “My game”

  1. Redbone says:

    I got to around 65 score until I lost. Good game!

  2. LunarCrisis says:

    I got to a bit higher than 160, could tell exactly since it wipes the score the moment you die XD.

    Cool game!

  3. telaviv says:

    Very Very cool! It seems like sometimes there’s just no possible path though. Maybe i’m just not that good though :)

  4. 5parrowhawk says:

    60-ish. Did you bother to make sure there was always enough space to get through? :)

  5. demize says:

    The thought never crossed my mind. But, it never crossing my mind makes the game much more challenging, no? 😛

  6. Bri says:

    yeah, ’round 75 this time. it’s addicting 😛

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