I’m back!

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April 18th, 2009 6:39 am

I just came home from an orchestra rehearsal (which was fortunately finished a little earlier than planned), so now I can finally get started with LD14!

I’ve been thinking about the theme all day and even have an idea what to make: in my game you are running away from some kind of dangerous liquid (something like lava) that turns into a solid mass after a while (seen from above). There are blocks lying around and you can build little walls to hold the liquid back for a while, so it advances slower and you have more time to find your way, get past all kinds of obstacles, and build more walls, and so on.

At the rehearsal we had soup during the break (tomato vegetable soup).

I recorded the music we played, in case I can use something, but it’s not really the kind of music that fits with a game like this (mostly Bruch).

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  1. Gilvado says:

    Hey Wiering — just wondering if you’d have time to write up a few comments on your workflow regarding in-game objects. Without any examples in the scroll demo, and no comments anywhere in the code, it’s been pretty slow going wrapping my head around it. I totally get how tile studio interfaces with your boilerplate for maps, I’m just wondering conceptually how you use your GameObject class.

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