How to submit an Entry

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April 18th, 2009 10:14 pm

So, you’re done now and want to submit an entry?

Here is what you do.

  • Create an account (if you haven’t already, click here)
  • Make a post (click here)
  • Add the tag “Final” to your post (Instructions how)
  • Upload a single screen-shot to the blog (Instructions how)
  • Provide download link(s) to your file(s) (Windows Binary, Source, etc)

NOTE: It seems uploading zip files to the blog isn’t allowed with stock permissions set up. Oh well, we’ll have to go with the old way of submitting entries (i.e. link a zip file). Maybe next time.

Moving forward, we’d prefer that you upload your entries to the blog. You’re more than welcome to mirror them on your local site, but at least this way we have a 2nd copy. If your entry is especially large (50 MB+), consider uploading to the blog as a last resort (i.e. you don’t have your own web space).

Images can be named whatever, but we’d suggest entry uploads be named as follows.


  • UserName – Your name on the forum (i.e. PoV)
  • LD?? – The current competition (i.e. LD14, MiniLD09)
  • MyCoolEntryName – A name for your entry (i.e. MyGame02)
  • EXT – Whatever the file type is (i.e. zip, tar.bz2)

For example:

Following these naming guidelines will help us catalog entries in the future.

Flash/Browser Based Entries

If your game is a Flash or browser based game, then you can provide a link. This will make it much easier for entrants to play your game, since you can tailor the webpage as you see fit (as providing FTP accounts for everyone sound like too much work to me).

In addition, if you could upload a copy for archival purposes, that would be helpful.


4 Responses to “How to submit an Entry”

  1. hamburger says:

    You got any special preferences for those of us doing Flash games?

    Obviously the easiest way to share these is to host a browser-based version on our local sites (unless you want to start hosting them here at LD).

    I guess I’ll also post a zip file with the source code + Windows executable, using the naming convention above.

  2. PoV says:

    A link would certainly be easiest for players. If you could provide both (a download and a link), that’d probably be best.

  3. mrfun says:

    Really glad we have some naming conventions, will help with organizing the “starter pack” download that somebody always does.

  4. sowbug says:

    I’m using Dropbox to host my zipfile. They provide a namespace within your personal directory that’s automatically publicly available over HTTP. If you haven’t already signed up with them, they’re great for this kind of thing (including continuous backup of your weekend’s work). — or if you don’t want to give me referral credit, just

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