Fleedom – Fleet Pattern and Movement test

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April 18th, 2009 6:49 am

Current build playable here in your browser

Working title is Fleedom. Wanted to handle what I felt would be one of the most challenging parts of my game design which was making a fleet of small ships that you could toggle through various flight patterns while moving.

Got a decent enough working version now.  Z/X toggles next/previous fleet pattern.  Arrow keys move.

Here is the background on my current game’s design

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7 Responses to “Fleedom – Fleet Pattern and Movement test”

  1. hamburger says:

    Wow, I can already tell this game is going to be lots of fun. One thing you might want to try is instead of cycling through the different echelons, use one hotkey for each, like z/x/c/v. I think I would prefer that as a player.

  2. fidaner says:

    Looks very nice. There could also be dynamic formations like ships constantly making a mexican wave.

  3. HybridMind says:

    hamburger.. that is a good idea!

  4. HybridMind says:

    fidaner: i have no idea what a mexican wave is.. but that sounds great! 😉

  5. Tenoch says:

    Hey one of my ideas included a space fleet wall (Homeworld, anyone?). Went for another one though. This looks cool!

  6. Gilvado says:

    Is your game going to have shooting at all? It seems likely to me that there won’t be much need for many of the formations if they spread your men out, and you can only dodge. You should consider having your ships be able to take some kind of action (shooting, turning on shields to stop energy weapons, something like that), automatically. Then, you can make so that ships block line of for targetting. Then, having broad formations would maximize firepower, while having shallow and narrow ones would maximize dodging ability. If you had ships that perhaps chased your own ships (flew along beside you), then there would be an additional purpose for formations like the X — the largest and most difficult to dodge with, but presenting maximum firepower in every direction simultaneously. If you don’t want shooting, you could always have shields that overlap the ships beside them, to block incoming laserz. Again, broad formations would maximize shield protection, shallow ones would maximize dodging.

  7. HybridMind says:

    @gilvado: yeah– as I have been playing with my prototype I found that 2 of the 4 formations are useful for evation.. the thin horiz line.. and the thin vertical line (because capital ships will also be shooting down under the big mamas) so I was pondering uses for the ‘X’ and the the other cluster. I had thought about the auto fire concept.. but the shield overlap is interesting too.

    A lot will depend on what I can get done in 48hrs versus post-compo version of course.

    @Tenoch: I loved homeworld.. you know what is funny.. as I’m watching my ships rearrange in their patterns.. I couldn’t figure out why it looked so familiar.. now you’ve reminded me! Thanks! :)

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