Doom Runner

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April 18th, 2009 12:08 pm

There might actually be a game in there somewhere. There are walls running up to you and you need to jump about and collect prizes. There’s probably a wall of doom (with spikes and innards and blood and maybe zombie pirate spiders), but it’ll never be visible i fear.

Anyhow, looks like gameplay is once more up to level design mostly. Urgh.


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  1. Cosine says:

    Looks pretty good. My only recomendation would be to make the camera follow the player, not be in front, unless that’s how it is already. Can’t really tell, that’s what they did in “CRASH: The HUGE Adventure!” for the GBA, and it was nigh-impossible to play.

  2. greencow says:

    zombie pirate you’re saying you have spiders who took up piracy with the eye patches and the swashbuckles and all that, who were then bitten by zombie spiders thus becoming zombie pirate spiders?

  3. Endurion says:

    I of course forgot the robot ninjas in the formula, but I’m sure they’re behind the evil scheme and somebody has to move the advancing wall somehow 😉

    @Cosine: The camera is right now fixed (i.e. fixed distance from the player), the gamefield does not move left/right. The player is moving forward (because of the wall i reckon) and all the things come towards him.

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