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April 18th, 2009 1:38 am

On my own two feet here. Disregard the Eee, it’s just there to match all the other deskphotos. I’m not going to use it… The little black box beneath the keyboard is my high-tech entropy supervisor, which monitors heat flux in the immediate vicinity of particular computational elements. Calling it a common household thermometer would be a blatant lie!


3 Responses to “Desked!”

  1. erik says:

    You work standing up, looking down at your monitors? Neat.

  2. mrfun says:

    That is an insane setup, do you do that to keep your boyish figure (burn calls while coding?) or is it more about space?

  3. DrPetter says:

    mrfun: Calories and spine I suppose, not that it’ll burn a considerable amount. I haven’t had any great problems before, but sitting on a crappy chair for hours can definitely get me rusted up. The neck doubtlessly prefers a gentle downward angle compared to the traditional vulture pose of a normal sitting workplace, and standing up forces you to shift your pose every few moments to offload your feet (though I do have some padding on the floor).
    Standing is psychologically more “alert” as well, which is nice when you’re actively doing something (coding, drawing, playing). The only major downside is that I have to turn my monitor over to the side and tilt it down so I can watch from my reclining chair whenever it’s dinner/movie time :)

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