Mockup — BE the advancing wall of doom

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April 17th, 2009 11:14 pm

Well, I saw that a lot of people wanted to make games where you run from an advancing wall of doom, so I decided to make a game where you are an advancing wall of doom.

My Wall of Doom is busy conquering the planet, and nomming on all the tasty people and cities that he can find along the way. Controllable gameplay will consist solely of using his nose-beam (which shoots lasers, not mucus) to blow up people, tanks, planes, and buildings. He will move forwards inexorably, and the camera will track him. Whenever he comes up to piles of debris or whatnot, he will scoop it up in his giant mouth, and make loud “OM NOM NOM” noises. The more stuff you eat, the more money you get to upgrade his nose laser, and to heal him. If I have time, you might also be able to get a mortar on his head, or smaller automated face-lasers. But likely I won’t have time.

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  1. mklee says:

    Oh wow, this is sorta similar to my own Ludum Dare idea that I’m working on right now. That’s pretty cool though, it’ll be interesting to see the differences in implementation by the end!

    I like the temp reference to the colossus from You Have To Burn the Rope.

  2. Gilvado says:

    😀 I was wondering if anyone had played You Have To Burn The Rope — I thought it was a pretty awesome design for a boss.

  3. ido says:

    Crap, that was my idea :p

  4. 5parrowhawk says:

    Nice. I decided that the advancing wall of doom should be on the player’s side too, but BEING the wall didn’t occur to me.

  5. pekuja says:

    I like that idea of the wall being on your side. I think I might do something like that too, in my own way.

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