Tower Wars Final

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March 8th, 2009 2:57 pm

As I didn’t want to spend the entire competition playing through the LD archives, I picked three previous themes and used all of them.  I hope that by doing this, I came close enough to two things in there that it qualifies.  The three themes that I worked from were:

  • Construction/Destruction
  • Chain Reaction
  • The Tower

You’re trying to build your tower into the green area at the top of the screen before your opponent builds theirs into the red area.  The arrow keys move the building blocks around the top of the screen, rotate them, and drop them, much like Tetris.  If you don’t build your tower sturdily, then some of your tower may crumble due to the extra weight you’re adding as you build.  If you notice your opponent building his tower sloppily, you can drop a few blocks on his tower to collapse his and give you a lead.

Pygame source code can be downloaded from .  The game can be run single-player (no opponent) with ‘python’.  The ‘–help’ option will tell you what you need to know to play multi-player.

I have not tested this on any platform other than Linux, and I have not tested the multiplayer over the Internet.  It shouldn’t be hard to make it work under Windows, but I don’t have access to a Windows machine to test on.

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