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February 17th, 2009 6:08 am

Some time has past but I still wanted to finish my LD13 project. Maybe some of you remember the big 3d-bug I published! Hehe…well the game is still not very intuitive but I added instructions, fixed lots of bugs added some graphics and models! I would say it looks almost like a game! And that was my task! I learned a lot as it is my first game I finished.

Have a look here:


plz read the instructions in the game before starting!!

Here is a video-tutorial how to survive the first three levels. Maybe that will help to get a clue what the game is about :D.


Now I can start finishing my miniLD Cryptogame! (On LD#14 I will finish in time! I’m sure 😀 )


PS: I want to thank everyone who tried to figure out what the first version was about! I know that must have been a hard time that surley was followed by massive nightmares! 😀


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  1. HybridMind says:

    so I checked this out and read the instructions and have some questions because I think I’m not getting something that is making it so I can’t really play:

    I’m confused as to how to control what direction the director points in? I have tried making loops and long roads both. When I place a director it seems that the arrow of the director often points down an unfinished road and then my cars follow him to their fiery death!

    Is there some control I’m missing? I only made it to level 2.. heh. :)

  2. dertom says:

    Hola…I think you made good approaches! Both are good ways! I think
    the easiest and for every level best way is to build streets in direct way to the endnode! BUT you have to keep the streetparts small and have a look for the altitude! Especially the altitude differnces between the streetpart-nodes increase the building time!
    If you have directors (at Levels 2-6) you can switch with right mouse click in director mode and with a left-click place it on a node. and then with another left-click (still in director mode) you can switch the direction and send the cars back! ok you are right! a director dont need to be able to direct to a suicide-street! Thx for trying…CU ToM

  3. HybridMind says:

    thanks for the extra tips. I tried it a bunch more times and while knowing how to turn the director short term helps a lot I can’t seem to get past level 2. I only have 1 director and because the cars go down the suicide routes I haven’t found a way to build quick enough to get to the goal w/o dieing before my first director runs out. Are they supposed to expire?

    anyway– this version is a lot more fun then the original so congrats on continuing to work on the project! :) that said I still have this feeling I am missing some key component that is probably obvious. I did read all the instructions and hints file too! 😉

  4. dertom says:

    Hehe,…yes they are supposed to expire! So you have to think about when to use it! To make it a bit clearer I added a link to a video-“tutorial” how to finish the first 3 Levels in the post!
    HybridMind,if you will get it into the highscore I promise you a sixpack of beer that I will send to your home wherever you are living!!!!! 😀

  5. HybridMind says:

    Thanks for the video! That helped a ton. I was able to beat 5/6 levels. That last level was a total monster! I was not able to defeat it. There are some great tensions that exist in this game. In one sense it is like a bizarre form of linear juggling and time management. I like the stress when you are on the higher levels and you are building far away from where your cars are and you are trying to keep a running total in your mind on whether your director has probably expired or not. Then you have to go racing back to hope that you have a chance to lay down a new one before the cars explode.

    As far as a few things that would make the experience a little more fun I have two small suggestions.

    1) The mouse control still seems a little tough. I believe it is way better then the original LD version but quite a few times my death was because I couldn’t get the cursor to snap over how I wanted in a moment of panic. I feel it is pretty good but because there is a lack of total confidence in the control it may cause unwanted stress… :)

    2) Small thing that may help on larger levels is some kind of indicator as to where the ‘finish’ marker is. Especially on the last level I was searching for awhile to find it and then in the heat of the game it is easy to get confused as to where you are in the map. It may be that you wanted that confusion so this may just be a ‘taste’ or preference thing.

    Thanks again for the video as I was able to understand really quickly as I watched you play how you timed and placed the directors and built your paths to juggle the cars.

  6. dertom says:

    Hehe…grats you came so wide 😀 You know that it is possible to move with awsd and arrow-keys as well!!?! Ok to snap it over you have to use the mouse! And I know this panic situations you described as well 😀
    The indicator where the destination is already exists! The selector is pointing to it with an arrow.
    …and no I didnt want to produce confusion 😀 Thanks again for the feedback! The sixpack-offer is still available for you 😀

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