The Last Dodo – Finished

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February 8th, 2009 2:59 pm

A Cryptozoologist’s dream, finding¬† still-living Dodo bird in the middle of a jungle.

This is my first Ludum Dare entry.¬† I wanted to make a sort of top down puzzle action game, and after much coding this is the very brief result, which doesn’t amount to as much as I hoped, but is good enough for my first try.

Link to Windows executable:

Alternative link:

Now also available at: Zompire Dracularius

Programmed in C using SDL and OpenGL

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10 Responses to “The Last Dodo – Finished”

  1. grimfang4 says:

    That link is just sending me to freehostia’s main page…

  2. HybridMind says:

    getting that same freehostia home page prob

  3. cap says:

    I got past the freehostia page by going to, going in to downloads, and getting the zip there. That said, I then get the following when running the exe:

    This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect.

  4. sarum90 says:

    Sorry about that, I forgot a dll and never should trust freehostia.

    It should work now, I don’t have a Windows machine without visual studio on it to double check this, but the only dll’s I didn’t include were opengl32.dll and kernel32.dll, so I believe I’m set now.

  5. mrfun says:

    I found the last Dodo! Nice sokoban like puzzles. Collision was just a tad picky.

  6. sarum90 says:

    good it worked for you :) and Congrats! Thanks.

    There still are some .dll errors due to SDL needing multi-threaded dlls and yet that requiring that the Microsoft CRT dll’s be present, which are machine specific and not installed by default. grrr, I’ll download and try mingw in the morning.

    if you already have the .dll’s from some other program or from having Visual Studio 2008 C.

    yeah I should have make the collision rectangle smaller on the player, and left more time for puzzle making. Ah well things you learn with time I suppose.

  7. sarum90 says:

    Okay re-compiled with mingw and now it only relies on MRVCRT.dll instead of the update VSEE one that isn’t portable :) Should work for all

  8. HybridMind says:

    ok – worked that time. I found the dodo.. heh. similar comments to mrfun’s. liked the lil’ dude sprite.

  9. sarum90 says:

    Thx, I’m glad to know it worked for you, I think I may finally have solved all my compatibility errors.

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