The Bird-eating Macaque, Final

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February 8th, 2009 2:47 pm

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The Crab-eating Macaque is pedestrian, but the Bird-eating Macaque, he’s top shelf in the respectable cryptozoologist’s trophy cabinet. Naysayers on the Wikipedia say that Crab-eating Macaques also prey on vertebrates (including bird chicks and nesting female birds), implying that sightings of Bird-eating Macaques are simple misidentifications. But the respectable cryptozoologists know better; best stay nimble, well-fed, and out of their way.

I’m done, yay! I’d say this is more toy than game. When it came to writing a score display and a proper win mechanic I ran out of time and steam. That said, there is a lose mechanic; you can recover by pressing R to restart everything. I also fear that if the game runs too long without a restart it may slow to a crawl or crash. But I’m done, in something like 47 hours, so hurrah!

Now to check out the rest of the entries. Many thanks to our host for giving me a goal I could actually hit and many thanks to the rest of you for providing an inspiring bit of competition.


8 Responses to “The Bird-eating Macaque, Final”

  1. increpare says:

    charming, though yeah, the loose condition is a bit weird; I can imagine this game could turn into something very cool with some more work. though, even as it is, it’s lovely.

  2. Doches says:

    Yay! I’m not sure quite what’s going on, or what I’m supposed to do — but it’s strangely fun, still. And quite cool.

  3. HybridMind says:

    well — seemed fun to mess around with. not sure what was ‘killing’ me or what not. seemed I could hang out and eat the red and yellow circles and as long as I didn’t leave the tree I was ok. sometimes though, I would suddenly ‘die’ and fall out of the tree.

    What am i? Am I the macaque? What are the flesh colored things that shoot out the black dots?

    I like how the trees grow. Wish I knew what was going on.. hehe. :)

    Congrats on your first LD by the way, welcome aboard a very strange ride.. 😉

  4. cap says:

    In one of his lectures Jonathan Blow talks about conveyance, or how well the game experience for the player matches up with the game idea in the developer’s head. It’s funny to read that some of you (in company with both my lady friend and roommate) have questions about what’s going on. It’s all so clear in my head!

    I’m a bit comforted to know that, with the questions you’re having, I thought about things I wanted to do to make the point more clear. There’s only one thing that can make you fall out of the tree aside from jumping off yourself, but when I played I often missed the event even though I knew what it was. So if there was more time, there would have been more communication about what was happening.

    Thanks for messing about in confusion :) I think my next entry will be heavily biased towards making explicit what is happening. Penance for this time.

  5. GirlFlash says:

    well what I see going on is I’m a cryptid eating birds in a growing tree, dodging bullets from cryptozoologists who want me dead, at the expense of many birds it seems.

    anyway, regardless of the ‘story’, the game is pretty cool, its a bit odd how it gets easier as the tree grows and you distance yourself from the people, but given more time I’m sure you could find a solution to that like cranes and ladders for the people (perhaps chainsawing the bottom of the tree to bring you closer? 😀 )

    anyway, it was lots of fun :)

  6. grimfang4 says:

    *It felt like there were more bullets when I got higher.

    I enjoyed hopping off the tree and scarfing down all the dead birds on the ground :)
    It’s cool that I ended up holding off on eating birds so I could use them as shields.

  7. mrfun says:

    Love the tree growing.

  8. HybridMind says:

    so – after reading everyone’s comments I went back and played this again. I had a LOT more fun now that I knew what to avoid and how not to die instantly. I enjoyed climbing around on the growing tree to get far away from the little black bullets. I like how you can jump on the top of trees. I like how if you get shot you drop down like a lead weight to the ground. :)

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