Nessie TD – Final

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February 8th, 2009 5:30 pm

Hi, first Ludum Dare here.

This game is a TD, a.k.a. Tower Defense, which means that a whole lot of enemies (i.e. peasants – evil, evil peasants!) move along a fixed path, and you have to stop them from getting to the end of that path (the ominous top-right corner of the screen) using whatever means possible. The method I recommend is building sea monsters along the coast, as that’s all the game lets you do. Poison towers slow enemies, ultimate towers live up to their name. Happy peasant hunting!

Python 2.6 + pyGame: download.

Comments appreciated!


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  1. HybridMind says:

    yeah.. i won! :) enjoyed the little ‘nessie’ towers. the rainbow one looked really cool. the simple art style is charming nonetheless. wish there was more feedback on tower range and/or bullet motions as the towers make their attacks. do towers not next to land still work? I used a bunch of water spaces further from land because I wasn’t sure either way.

  2. cap says:

    Argh, no python2.6 for me. Any chance of an exe? I’d be happy to send over my py2exe script if that’d help :)

  3. phren says:

    Yeah I have 2.5 and wasn’t able to run it. :( I’d love to try it though if you managed to put together an exe.

  4. mrfun says:

    I won! That was really a double victory for me as I finally got pygame installed and working right. Same comments as HybridMind really. Limiting your color palette worked out well.

  5. DifferentMike says:

    Thanks for the nice comments Hybrid and mrfun. And congratulations on your victories! 😀

    About game mechanics – different towers have different ranges. Poison towers have a 2.5 tile firing range, pierce towers = 4 tile range, splash towers = 2 tile range, ultimate towers = 4 tile range. It would have been nice to show those ranges, ex. when you’re trying to place a new tower in the sea.

    Bullet graphics got scrapped for time reasons – they’re harder to implement than I would have thought, because I’d have to predict where the enemies would be when they’d collide with the bullets. This gets tricksy when the enemy’s turning a curve. But you’re right, Hybrid, and thanks for bringing those points up. I appreciate it. :)

    Sorry about not having an exe, cap and phren. I’d really appreciate the py2exe script if you don’t mind…I tried py2exe but am getting an “NotImplementedError: font module not available” error. But I’ll keep trying!

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