Missing Link

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February 8th, 2009 10:55 am

There has been reports of big hairy man running in the woods. It must be a missing link of evolution! You have to capture it with your stun gun.


WASD – move

Left shift – target

Mouse – shoot

Python: http://olli.sikstus.com/missing_link.zip

Win32 (no sounds because I had problems with py2exe and pygame.mixer): http://olli.sikstus.com/missing_link_win32_nosound.zip

I have actually coded only few hours today. I had lack of motivation because my game didn’t turn out very fun to play. But I quickly finished it, so it’s playable, not very fun though.


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  1. GirlFlash says:

    I just get a ‘configuration is incorrect’ error when I try to run the exe, I’ll try the python version later once its installed

  2. HybridMind says:

    well — the music is creepy enough! heh. I searched the map for awhile before I encountered bigfoot and then it took me a bit to corner him. I like the delay in targetting because it added nice tension. bigfoot totally killed me the first time. I went back to that damn forest though and I tracked his ass down and bagged him the second time! Take that missing link. :)

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