Finished – Cryptidia

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February 8th, 2009 5:23 pm

And so my first LD entry comes to a close!

Play it at Also posted at Kongregate

I would describe this game as a cross between mad libs and the Spore creature creator. Emphasis on the mad libs. Everything is randomized, including the number of arms and legs and the position and rotation of everything. I didn’t get a chance to network it (I was going to hook up a database to pull in random parts from other players online), because the outside world intervened. So you’re just gonna to have to keep drawing all those arms and legs yourself.

If by some miracle you manage to create something attractive or at least entertaining with this ridiculous tool, please post screenshots! I doubt it will happen.

This game was coded from scratch in ActionScript 3, with art created in Flash and music performed with Anvil Studio. Full source code is available here. A windows executable is available here.




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8 Responses to “Finished – Cryptidia”

  1. HybridMind says:

    well I had a good time with this. I got a few pretty funny drawings (i forgot to screen cap them.. damn). I love the odd descriptions of what i’m supposed to draw. I like how you polished / tuned / tweaked it since last I played an earlier update.

  2. hamburger says:

    Thanks, HybridMind. I wish I could have done quite a bit more polishing/tuning/tweaking with the algorithm that actually constructs the Cryptid at the end – but as it is I think the shoddiness of the output is one of the game’s charms. :)

  3. HybridMind says:

    I posted some screenies for you! :)

  4. phren says:

    Hehe, this was great! (or should I say Delightful!) Such a nice way to procrastinate when you’re supposed to do something.. 😛

  5. nilsf says:

    Fun toy! 😀 It would be nice if it told you whether you’re drawing a right or a left arm so you don’t draw a hand that ends up against the torso. A flood fill tool would also be welcome.

  6. mrfun says:

    Great concept… hmm.. maybe a jumble button at the end to get more than one version? My cryptbeast:

  7. DifferentMike says:

    Very cute! Really nice presentation – the graphics and music fit very well, and the progress bar was very helpful.

  8. Cosine says:

    You might want to remove the “draw something long and flexible” one, but other than that, fun to play.

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