Monorail Final!

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January 11th, 2009 10:15 am

Here is the final mini-ld #6 version of Monorail for windows.


You are the Hero trying to reach the head of a runaway train to get to the locomotive.  You start at the caboose and work your way along fighting off the bad guys who have taken the train over. You have to be careful not to fall off the train cars or get swept off the left side of the screen with a disconnecting train car.  Also, don’t get shot!  You can get hit 3 times before you die.


Use left/right/up arrow keys to move and jump, spacebar to shoot

Use Gamepad stick and button 1 to jump, button 2 to shoot.


I’d love to hear any bug reports or feedback as I’ll be developing this game for a while longer still.  I listen to all suggestions and do work on these projects long after the compo deadline.  I will likely post an updated version before too long that is post-compo.


This was my 3rd attempt at the 48hr competition format.  I think I am fairly pleased with the results.  I love how these competitions really let you bootstrap a concept in a really short amount of time.  I spent 35hrs of the past 48hrs working on this game!  While some people might not ever get why anyone would want to ‘work’ so hard on their weekend– it is SO worth it!  😉

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6 Responses to “Monorail Final!”

  1. Xenthar says:

    The screenshot looks great, but it didnt run for me on windows, nothing happened by clicking the exe :( What do i need to run it?

  2. HybridMind says:

    Weird..! What windows version (xp/2000/vista/bit) are you using? Is your computer REALLY old? I noticed a prob with a really old computer I tried it on but it did load eventually just ran REALLY slow. You are supposed to just be able to click and go with that exe.. Do you have a sound card? That could be an issue– if it looks like you see a black screen really quickly appear and disappear that could be it (if you don’t have a soundcard.) I don’t do error checking on that so it just assumes….

  3. Xenthar says:

    Yeah its REALLY old ;D about 6 years. I use XP, and have a good soundcard. Didn’t see anything happen at all when clicking the exe.

  4. HybridMind says:

    Xenthar- Well, it sounds like you should be fine from what you describe. I’m sorry but I can’t really figure what might be wrong. The only easy test I could think of would be for you to try running any other games made with ruby/gosu and see if those work. I haven’t seen this problem you are describing yet. Thanks for trying though! 😉 Here are four gosu games from LD13 on one page if you are still curious to see if any of them work (including one of mine)

  5. Xenthar says:

    They all didn’t work. At least i tried ;D

  6. I just stumbled upon this as I’m testing an idea that’s similar in the basics. Are you still working on this at all?

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