MiniLD#6: Collab

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December 21st, 2008 2:27 pm

Time for another mini Ludum Dare competition. This one will take place on the 10th and 11th of January, since the first weekend is very close to the holidays.

The idea behind this one is, to take all of your entries and bind them together in what would look as a single game. To achieve this, this MiniLD will have to themes. The main theme, the red line of the competition, will be the same for all, and set by me. The second theme you can pick out for yourself from a list of themes and reserve it for yourself.

Technical details, start time, etc. will follow.

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6 Responses to “MiniLD#6: Collab”

  1. SpaceManiac says:

    Ooh. This could be difficult, seeing as I have only one entry.

  2. demonpants says:

    Yeah, for people who have only done one LD before, is it possible maybe that we can just combine previous LD-ish games we’ve made? For example, I have a game I made for an 84-hour competition and another I made in a week. I could take 48 hours worth of elements from those.

  3. threeeffhex says:

    I think he means each of your entries, rather than all of your entries – not sure though, but that’s how I read it – the idea would be to take whatever each person entering the competition creates during the time period, and stick each persons entries into one game.
    Not take each persons previous work and stick all of that into each persons full game.

  4. matrin says:

    Yeah. 😀 I meant each person miniLD#6 entry, and stick all of those together. threeeffhex made it more clear. 😛

  5. HybridMind says:

    I’m sorry– but I think I’m still confused! 😉 How can we stick together what we haven’t created yet?? I am interested in trying out this miniLD thing so I will wait if anyone can clarify this further for my brain which is apparently being slow this morning. :)

  6. Moosader says:

    Is some sort of common story / theme / gameplay going to be discussed beforehand, or are we all just set loose to create whatever? How is this going to work?

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