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December 18th, 2008 1:44 pm

Thanks for all the comments so far! I’ve enjoyed seeing how everyone has liked the game.

Here are a few responses to some of your comments:

– Anyone who said there needs to be a restart button:
I fully agree, so I added one after the contest was over. There are also multiple difficulty levels in it.

– Anyone who said that it takes too long to load at first:
It’s because the sound files are wav, I’ll put them in ogg at some point. This loading time will only happen once, however, as it caches this data on your hard disk. So once you’ve loaded it once (basically equivalent to downloading it) then you won’t have to again for longer than half a second.

– Anyone who said it would freeze and suddenly rush forward:
I don’t know why I did this, but I definitely spent more time to get a dynamic frame rate going, instead of a fixed one. This was I guess to allow slow motion / ultra speed (you can see that easy mode is slower overall than hard), but I also wanted it to be able to adapt to any computer speed so it would be able to play effectively the same speed no matter what it was on, it would just skip frames. Unfortunately, when a ton of particles fly down this actually causes it to skip a bunch of frames. So I’ll either make it take a frame rate average for a longer period of time or I’ll remove this.

– In response to ondrew saying “I have to give technical 1 for the Java App Deployment stuff.”
I have no idea what you’re talking about and I don’t feel this is justified. Did you give me a technical of 1 because you just don’t like Java, or what? Java is a full fledged programming language and does no more for you than C++. I made it in Java because I prefer Java and because I’m on Mac, therefore it’s more accessible to me. Not because it’s easier or something. All of the technical impressiveness of this game (read: particle effects) would have been exactly as difficult on C++. It’s all using direct OpenGL access  which is equivalent in Java and C++. Please edit your review to explain exactly what you mean by “Java App Deployment Stuff.” Thanks.

– In response to Morre:
I totally agree with you, actually. It’s got sort of the basic gameplay in it but not enough variety to be one of my favorite pastimes. If you’re interested, you can try the post-LD version which improves the scoring a lot, adds in a harder (and an easier) difficulty, and also  fixes that score increase bug.

Thanks again, everybody! Hopefully my comments have been helpful as well.

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  1. ondrew says:

    Sorry if I offended you with my comment. I didn’t meant it like that. Although I’m no Java fan, I’m not going to give you judge you because of the language of your choice.

    What I didn’t like was the packaging – that you basically entered just a xml file in the competition and the game itself got downloaded on the first run.

    As a user I loose control over how much data is going to be downloaded, I have to allow Java access to the network, which I’m not really comfortable doing, etc.

    I would prefer, if you posted links to the jar files, but maybe that’s just me.

  2. demonpants says:

    Ah, fair enough, I thought maybe that might have been it but I really didn’t understand what you meant.

    The reason for the cached download is because I had like 15 minutes left, hadn’t made a build yet, and for no reason at all the JAR resource loading wasn’t working, I’m still not sure what the reason for it was/is. So the only possible way I could think of not having to turn in literally nothing because of some Java bug was to load the resources directly from a URL. So that’s what I did. If you want to remove the cached information, go to your home directory (on Windows I think it’s documents and settings) and look for a folder called .ExproadImproadReroad and then just delete it. And actually if I used Java’s Webstart way of doing things it would all be downloaded in some obscure system directory, so really what I did was distribute the pain somewhere else, in a way.

    In my mind you give someone a 1 in technical if they didn’t successfully make a game, or it crashes, or something like that. My game certainly doesn’t deserve a 5 either… but I think I gave out just one 1 and one 5 this entire competition, because a 5 is perfection and a 1 is a complete lack of merit. My opinion only, obviously. So while I still don’t agree with you, now that you explained what you meant I’m not feeling unfairness anymore. It just sounded like you were giving me a 1 for using Java or something.

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