Post compo wind-down

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December 8th, 2008 5:01 pm

So now the mad rush to finish is over and I’ve caught up on lost sleep, here’s all my progress shots that I didn’t have time to write journal entries for.

Project setup, and boring game init / display init:

A tile map and a hardcoded bulldozer sprite:

I added bulldozer controls here, plus rocks to dig for resources:

Placing roads via the bulldozer:

Adding code and graphics to properly make road curves and junctions:

Added hard-coded buildings and cars, plus a hud for better feedback. I should probably have had a screenshot in between this and the previous one but I was on a roll. :)

Adding in proper building placement, city growth and car spawning:

Compared to previous LD48s I didn’t get much journal writing done during the competition, probably because I only had a single day so was much more focused than usual. Also the game was largely based on logic code (like getting the building placement and car AI correct) rather than lots of visible gameplay elements, so at times where I would normally have taken a picture I skipped it since it looked identical to before.

I’ve decided to leave my post-mortem ’till after judging had finished / nearly finished, so I can see if my list of things to improve matches what other people think.

Also, project source and images are here. It won’t compile as-is because I took the LWJGL and Slick libraries out to cut down the size, but you can browse through my spaghetti code and see how hideous it all is. :)

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5 Responses to “Post compo wind-down”

  1. PoV says:

    That looks really cool. Nicely done.

  2. fydo says:

    Wow, you showed a nice progression in your screenshots.
    Question: What is the little graph in the corner of all your screenshots? :)

  3. Orangy Tang says:

    fydo: that’s an fps graph, comes in really handy for spotting when I code something stupid slow that causes the game to drop frames. You can see a spike in the first two pictures where the initial loading took place.

  4. Seo Bonn says:

    Hi, thanks for the good “Post compo wind-down” post. My wife works at a local newspaper production in germany and she ask me: Would it be possible, that i can write a story about this post? She would be really happy if she can do this and she will give you a link from a german blog too. Please post me the answer. Greetings Seo Bonn

  5. Orangy Tang says:

    Feel free, any feedback is muchly appreciated.

    I’ll be up on my website ( ) soon (hopefully on the weekend) so it’d be nice if you could link to there too (since it’ll be a permanent link and will get updated if I add/fix anything).

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