Two Roads

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December 7th, 2008 1:56 pm

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Two Roads is my entry for LD13 – Roads. It’s extremely simple to play, and you’d have to be sick in the head to not have the most fun ever in your whole life enjoying its extremely innovative and immersive gameplay.

POST COMPO UPDATE!  This is not cheating!  You can go ahead and download the 17mb compo edition below, or you can be smart and download the 5.4mb post-compo edition instead!  It’s the exact same in every way, except all the sounds are changed to OGG files, and all the images have been converted to 256 color.  The only code change was to change “wav” to “ogg” in the sound loading code.

Win32 download: (17mb! It must be good!)

Obviously I slacked off a lot this weekend, since this is only my second log entry… oh well. I hope you enjoy my game! It was a unique experience creating it.

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6 Responses to “Two Roads”

  1. george says:

    That was pretty awesome. Certainly not what I expected :D. Good job.

  2. lexaloffle says:

    To play this properly, click the mouse with one hand, and click your fingers with the other.

  3. Hamumu says:

    Wow, that looks cool! Try running with the command line argument “opengl” (no quotes). That should hopefully do it.

  4. Ran says:

    This was absolutely… awesome!

    You should seriously make more of these. I bet you could make an entire 25-minute (or so) adventure game 😉

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