Rolling Down the Road – Final

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December 7th, 2008 8:21 pm

The point of this totally awesome game is to roll a sticky ball down the side of the highway.  It’s kind of fun like pickup up trash and sharp plants next to the freeway on a hot day might be?  Eventually I’ll get some scoring in there.  Crack open a beer and enjoy playing on the freeway.  I sure did.  Scoring?  Do you keep score while wandering around next to US 15 in Las Vegas (think Bat Country from Fear and Loathing)?  I’d say everyone is a winner here.

This was my first LD competition.  I got started yesterday at noon (company party the night before, you know how that goes). I look forward to seeing what other folks have!

[Update: I fixed keyboard control so you don’t need a 360 Controller]
C# Source (complete w/ models in both .mb and .fbx)

[Update: Fixed the installer.]
[Update2: Fixed keyboard control so you don’t need a 360 Controller]
[Update3: Removed Shader 3.0 stuff – not needed – it’s 2 lines in the src if you want to change it.]
Windows Binary 
If this doesn’t work for you, please let me know. It seems to want to install .Net stuff if you don’t have it. If this becomes an issue, again, please email or comment.

One bummer – this is better with a USB 360 style controller, but it does work w/ keyboard. I fixed keyboard control after the bell.

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