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December 7th, 2008 7:02 pm

Source and Win32 binary, in one convenient package (unzip with PKUNZIP.EXE for best effect)

This is RoadZ. It is a tribute to less troubled times; I could have seen myself being totally stoked when I downloaded this off the neighborhood BBS. Read README.TXT for ill ASCII. Check out all the directories for bonus stuff.

I didn’t get to do the sine scroller though :(

EDIT: I forgot to mention that -f runs the game in fullscreen. I meant to make a .bat file, actually included it in my readme, then forgot. Just know that you CAN run fullscreen, use the -f command line switch to make it happen. I recommend it.

EDIT2: Timelapse is here.


  • UP – Accellerate
  • DOWN – Brake
  • LEFT/RIGHT – Steer
  • SPACE – Jump (velocity sensitive)
  • L ALT – Turbo

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