Puzzle Road! (Final)

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December 7th, 2008 8:00 pm

Mac version!

Windows version (FIXED—let me know if not)!

Linux: Well, both versions include the source code. Just ‘gem install gosu’ and run ‘ruby Main.rb’. You should know how to do these things 😉

It’s all mouse-based because I tried to use controls simple enough to run on the iPhone (theoretically …). Hope it’s self explanatory, I moved the readme inside the game!

Known bugs:

  • The pretty Unicode star (see screenshot) doesn’t work on Windows :(
  • On WIndows, it opens a useless console window when you run the game
  • (Gameplay usually suffers a bit because there is no incentive to actually use curved streets, like more points for driving on them :/ Still, I got >36k on my third game and it involved lots of curves at least in the first two thirds!)
Features I had to leave out:
  • Bulldozers that appear instead of cars sometimes, and can break through thin obstacles
  • In turn, a limit on rotations
  • Powerups on streets—when collected, the landscape would scroll slower or you could access more than one item in the pipe
  • A wrap-around world—what leaves to the left, appears to the right etc.
  • Jumping tiles
  • One-way tiles
  • More sounds & music, pretty random landscape tiles,  etc. etc.

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