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December 7th, 2008 1:48 pm

No, it isn’t time for sausage — it’s time to celebrate, because I’ve got all the essentials for the game. You can add and modify truck routes, trucks do their own pathfinding to determine the cheapest route between cities, the player gets a notification every time a profit is made or lost. I still wish my damn roads weren’t straight (it’s like playing the game on some sort of ideal atlas, which isn’t quite what I was going for. Oh well. Starting the game takes you through a logical series of windows (splash screen, text introduction, main screen) and clicking widgets does pretty much what you’d expect. Hooray!

Also, there’s music now — four short tracks I mixed together in GarageBand. Before 6:13pm today I’d never even opened GarageBand. This is a testament to the easy-to-use Apple philosophy, I guess. Now if I only had any hope of porting my RubyGame/SDL app onto OS X. Yeah, right.

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