Pathways (Demo)

Posted by (twitter: @terrycavanagh)
December 7th, 2008 7:52 pm

It was a bit silly of me to try and make a game that was so dependant on content :( All the same, I’ve managed to complete enough of the game to demonstrate the concept I was going for. It’s about 50% complete!

I really liked where this was going, so I’m probably going to finish it sometime next week (and polish what’s already there quite a bit). Things are a bit rough at the moment, so it might be better to hold off playing it until then (unless you’re voting, of course).

This has been my first Ludum Dare, and it’s been great! I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing the next one. Good luck to everyone else who’s aiming to make the deadline! Can’t wait to check out all the finished games tomorrow morning! :)

[Edit: Decided to take down the link. I want to finish it properly and I’m not happy with a lot of the placeholder stuff in the game. Consider it withdrawn. Sorry ;-;]

[Edit again: I removed the final tag – hopefully that should take this off the voting list. Sorry if I pissed people off by removing it; I should never have submitted it in the first place.]

(Tools: Created with C++ and the Allegro library, the Code::Blocks IDE, Paint Shop Pro 8, ModPlug, and SFXR.)

6 Responses to “Pathways (Demo)”

  1. pansapiens says:

    C’mon, this is Ludum Dare … it’s not like we have high standards ! Seriously, looking forward to the refined version since from the screenshot, it looks pretty cool.

  2. Terry says:

    It should be ready soon. Real soon :)

  3. ondrew says:

    You should have left it in the competition, you would get gfx/sfx 5 from me. I really liked what you pulled of in two days.

  4. threeeffhex says:

    Bloody hell Terry…
    …you should definitely left it in the competition, clear winner out of all the games I’ve played so far…
    it was awesome – I played through the storyline where you arrive home and she’s dead, the first time; I realised the whole roads/pathways concept and it was just great… think that path has the best writing too.

    Played it going through the megapack…
    Of all the games I’ve played here, yours actually made me feel something emotionally. Great stuff, and amazing in 48 hours, the art was simple but beautifully retro too, and the music was great…

    You should totally have submitted it…

    What happens if you make it to the resistance? Is there any way out of the situation? We need to know!
    Definitely finish this – seriously impressed considering it’s two days work – you made a lot of cohesive content and put it in a solid package…

  5. greencow says:

    great game, beautiful scenery, nice story

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