Ludum Dare

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December 5th, 2008 4:50 am

Well this will be my second full LD. I have learned many lessons from LD12, and will be applying them;

First of all, familiarity.

– I will only use techniques and concepts that I am already familiar with, rather than trying to combine learning and the time pressure, which caused me to explode spectacularly last time when Flex and I didn’t get on well at all. So I have decided this time to opt for PHP and Javascript as my game platform. I have no pre-written libraries though, although if pressed for time I might use a couple of PEAR extensions and JQuery.

Second of all, simplicity.

– I will only make a game that can be feasibly completed within 24 hours, and will then use any time left over to hone and improve it. Last time I tried to make something hugely ambitious and failed miserably with very little time left, and was forced down the route of starting from scratch and cranking out an ass-nasty flash “game” with 2 hours left. This is not full of win.

Third of all, prioritisation.

– Sleep when tired, eat when hungry, drink when thirsty. If something interminable is defying my attempts to resolve it, I will go away and do something else while my brain processes it, rather than wasting 7 hours trying to fix it (yes, AS3 XML handling and Flex SDK debugger I’m looking at you.)

Finally, have fun.

– Last time I didn’t enjoy most of my time on LD because I spent so long stuck on the one problem (loading assets from xml files), which is not fun. By going down the route of PHP and JS (Both really fun languages to mess around with, and flexible enough to have workarounds for most problems), this should hopefully stop me getting helplessly stuck at the bottom of problems.

Good luck to everyone!

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  1. Codexus says:

    Having fun is the most important part! Good luck!

  2. dock says:

    This is all sound advice! This is my first time, and I’m terrified of getting in over my head, but I want to do something great as well. I’ve been making sure I’m familiar with the tech I’m using as much as possible, and have plans to use art direction to make sure that asset production time is as fast as I can do it, leaving as much time for code as possible.

    My plan is also to work like crazy to get the game done on day one, and use day two for polish. Yosh!

  3. roig_a says:


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