Revenge of the Orange

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November 9th, 2008 2:14 pm

This is a cover of BenW’s Chain reaction:

Since I met Ludum Dare only at the last compo, I don’t really have a “favorite entry” yet, so I picked one that seemed nice, and changed the gameplay, added personal things, etc.


Here is the thing:

EDIT: see here about a Windows version

The goal is to blow the tiles marked by the pulsating squares. If there is only one, fine, but later there will be more, and the tiles marked have to be blown at the same time! To do this you take advantage of the chain reactions provoqued by the terrible Invisible Walker!

It just runs around the world, on the outside tiles, clockwise, and starts explosions as it goes.

To bring these explosions to the marked tiles, you can first move yourself, with arrow keys. You can also move some tiles: with X and V you rotate the 8 tiles around you. And with arrow keys while pressing C, you shift whole rows or columns. Beware: rows, columns and “ring around you” have to be full before they can be moved! No holes!

About holes…  Just don’t walk in them, or your life counter (right side of the screen) will decrease.

The similar counter on the left is the level counter. Of course, difficulty increases with levels…

Technical sadness:

The game is written in Lua and uses a personal lib that itself uses SDL and co. I included a compiled version of the library, made on Ubuntu. I have no idea if it’s going to work on another Linux machine, or even another Ubuntu, so be sure to read the README if you need to compile it yourself.

I unfortunately have no Windows machine available, nor Mac OS X, so no binaries for those. However, it is supposed to be portable, so if anyone manages to make it work, don’t hesitate to send me your binaries, so I can share them.

More details about the compo later.

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