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    Pixelman 3D is finished

    Posted by
    November 9th, 2008 2:20 pm

    For this competition I decided to cover Py Mike’s ‘Pixelman 3′ game which I remember finding quite fun we when I played it for scoring. It’s basically the same game but with less minimal graphics and a few extra fiddles. You should note that I stole erm… copied erm… paid homage to the original levels by including them as levels 5 to 9, but I did write 4 new ones at the beginning so hopefully nobody will consider that cheating. (If you do then delete map5.txt, map6.txt, map7.txt, map8.txt and map9.txt from the maps directory and pretend I didn’t include them)

    Screen shot

    Requirement : python (2.4) + pygame (1.8 but it should work with 1.7)

    Should run on all platforms


    Edited: Small change to fix an issue that caused it to crash on some versions of pygame


    3 Responses to “Pixelman 3D is finished”

    1. ArmchairArmada says:

      After going through the starting menu I got an error:
      Traceback (most recent call last):
      File “pixelman3d.pyw”, line 1699, in
      File “pixelman3d.pyw”, line 1547, in render
      self.render_level(surface, rect)
      File “pixelman3d.pyw”, line 1476, in render_level
      self.drawTile(surface, tile, (current_x, current_y))
      File “pixelman3d.pyw”, line 1320, in drawTile
      surface.blit(self.image_block, pos, rect)
      TypeError: Invalid rectstyle argument

    2. robot_guy says:

      ArmchairArmada can you re-download it and check to see if the fix I’ve added works? I think I know what is wrong but of course it works fine on my version.

    3. pymike says:

      Hey, cool! I didn’t think anyone would do a cover of Pixelman.

      I had an issue with collisions… when running along I’d randomly “catch” on corners. The graphics were nice, though. I enjoyed the playthrough :-)

      Pixelman FTW! :-D

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