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Mr. Splode 3D Finished!

Posted by
November 9th, 2008 1:55 pm

Mr. Spode 3D

You can get this amazing 3D game here!

You’re all going to hate me!

[edit]So as not to decieve anyone, I ran out of time so I just quickly made a joke console program.[/edit]


5 Responses to “Mr. Splode 3D Finished!”

  1. ArmchairArmada says:

    By the way. I think I quit. Next time! Next time! … maybe.

  2. radenmuaz says:

    Give him a “Don’t judge a game by it’s cover” Trophy!


  3. ArmchairArmada says:

    Yeah. My actual project wasn’t anywhere near a playable game. I have a tendency to over complicate project ideas. Next time I’ll have to remember to keep things as simple as possible — maybe not as simple what I put up here though! That was kind of a joke.

    One of these days I’ll get the hang of working within the tight time constraints. Making a game is hard. Making a game in 48 hours is next to impossible (ok, many have done it before)! Here are a few things I need to remember: Don’t use C++ (debugging takes too long), don’t do 3D (quick 2D is good enough), don’t be afraid to take shortcuts (a flexible object-oriented system will not be put to full use with such short development time), and START CODING THE FIRST DAY (I delayed actual programming for a long time to work on graphics.)

    Sorry for anyone who was hoping to see something a little more … 3D.

  4. radenmuaz says:

    For this game, maybe you should create a pygame window, blit the screenshot and put a console in there. People had a though time imagining what is happening.

    I’m looking forward for the fully-3D completed version of the game.

    Anyway, this is the cover for what game?

  5. lexaloffle says:


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