Here’s my entry for mini-LD#5.

It’s a cover of GBGames LD#11 entry, ‘minimalist’; turned evil. I like to think of it as a minimalist survival horror.

You can download maximalist and read more details here.

There is a gameplay video here … but it leaves off the surprise ending, so you still have to play the game :).

The goal is to complete 25 levels an achieve the highest score possible.

Libraries used: Pygame, Rabbyt (including the font rendering code), my (alpha) simplemenu library.

Tools used: The Gimp, Sfxr (DrPetter saves the day, yet again), Audacity, oggenc

I used a scanner to ‘photograph’ various objects around the house (including myself) to provide source images for further manipulation.

Assests: “Squealer” font by Ray Larabie, A scan of my face, A scan of a carved wooden ‘skull’ box on my desk, some hand drawn sprites (exit and glowstick), me screaming into the microphone.

Things I learned

Rendering fonts using the Rabbyt library is a little ugly unless you are using Pyglet for textures. I was using Pygame, so while I was able to use the code which comes with Rabbyt to render fonts, it just felt wrong.

Source control (SVN) saved my butt this time. I was happily coding away, when I realized a few revisions ago the game performance had really dropped … constant slowdowns and jitters. I checked out copies of several revisions back and tested them to see at which revision things started to go all sluggish. Then, looking at the svn diffs (using Trac), I could see that it was my implementation of the score rendering code that was the likely culprit. Sure enough, making some sensible changes fixed the slowdowns … silky smooth gameplay again :)

I also learned that I perform better when I’m more relaxed … I deliberately choose a very simple game to ‘cover’ so I could focus more on graphics and polish, and I wasn’t even fully committed to completing the game this weekend. Taking a laid back approach really helped (at least it felt better).

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5 Responses to “maximalist: a cover of GBGames LD#11 ‘minimalist’ minigame”

  1. nilsf says:

    Superb ending! 😀

  2. Hamumu says:

    Nice… this seems to be the LD for disturbing games. You know you can cheat by just leaving the screen in windowed mode!

  3. ArmchairArmada says:

    I probably deserved what I got in the end. I cheated the whole way through the game. In windowed mode you can teleport by simply moving off the window.

  4. GBGames says:

    Hah! I’m honored! And I love your cover! The graphics are pretty scary and trippy.

  5. pansapiens says:

    Hmm … you know I wasn’t that sneaky in my testing and didn’t even notice that obvious teleport exploit (*blush*) :) … it’s actually a nice test of simple lateral thinking (I failed). I guess I should make ‘electric’ edges or something ….

    GBGames: Scary ! Mission accomplished ! I hope I was able to do the original justice :)

    My best score, without ‘cheating’, is 130 (died on the second last level) … since the levels are random, I guess it’s only a matter of time before a perfect score is achievable.

    In case anyone skipped the README … you get 10 points for exiting a level, you lose 5 points for using a glowstick, and your score is HALVED each time you die. Since there are 25 levels, the perfect score should be 250.

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