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Juggle Paddle [final]

Posted by
November 9th, 2008 5:52 pm

Finally, it’s (not) finished! :D

I never entered the real Ludum Dare (yet), but this is my first entry ever to Mini-LD:

Juggle Paddle

A simple juggling game/sim/playground/whatever, although it’s more a
simulation as  there is no ‘game over’ yet. Also, the physics are a bit buggy.

I don’t if this game is accepted as the cover of Tower Construction Kit. The only thing the game has to do with that game’s cover is:

  • Physics.
  • The shapes of the objects – Bricks (Tower Construction Kit) & Balls and Paddle (Juggle Paddle)

I haven’t much time though – with all the school stuff,  tired, getting out of town, etc.
Made within 4 to 8 hours.

Here’s the link for my half-finished entry for this Mini-LD #5


To run the source code, you need Python installed.
Pyglet, Rabbyt and Pymunk are included.


2 Responses to “Juggle Paddle [final]”

  1. pansapiens says:

    I needed to make a few tweaks so it would use my local rabbyt installation before I could get it to run (and rename pymunk/ to pymunk/

    The physics feels nice and smooth … although it’s very easy to send the balls flying off at high velocity (but hey, I can’t juggle in real life either :) ).
    It strikes me as a toy that would be quite fun using Wiimote + Wii Balance board control.

  2. radenmuaz says:

    Hey thanks! I thought this quick ‘n dirty game is nothing but useless. ;)

    I’m quite new to game development. Most of the time I spent on this game is debugging. Still there are quite some bugs to fix:

    1. The balls flies through the invisible Chipmunk Segments at the window border at high velocity.
    2. Balls easily flies at high velocity – Paddle and ball’s elasticity need some tinkering.

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