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Final levels and color guide (NEW UPDATES)

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October 4th, 2008 8:11 am

Alright the two main levels are done!

I’ll finish level 3 tomorrow. It’s going to be basically the same as level 1 but it’ll use use light teal for it’s big block of color.

Here is a guide on how all of the colors are used so you can make your game accordingly. The color usage listed is final. Remember, you don’t have to follow any of these descriptions. They are more for describing in what context you’ll find certain pixels. So, just because dark red says flying badguys doesn’t mean you can’t amke that color be powerups or swamps or whatever.

  • Black #000000: General purpose walls.
  • Dark Grey #808080: Walls you might want to be able to go through
  • Dark Red #800000: Flying badguys
  • Dark Yellow #808000: Ceiling badguys
  • Dark Green #008000: Ground bad guys. Placed in easy spots
  • Dark Cyan #008080:Not Used
  • Dark Blue #000080:Not Used
  • Dark Magenta #800080:End goal
  • Dark Beige #808040:???
  • Teal #004040: Just a big rectangle in level 1. Might be good for a boss or something.
  • Cerulean #0080ff:Water
  • Other Blue #004080: Water
  • Purple #8000ff:Not Used
  • Brown #804000: Ladder for people who decide to have a game of climbing up or for people who need to get back somewhere.
  • Light Grey #cococo: Background
  • Red #ff0000: LAVA?!
  • Yellow #ffff00:Coins or something
  • Green #00ff00: Ground goodies? Placed in Hard to reach places.
  • cyan #00ffff:Not Used
  • blue #0000ff:Not Used
  • magenta #ff00ff: Used as a start point at the top of the levels
  • soft yellow #ffff80:Not Used
  • light teal? #00ff80: Reserved for level 3 like teal is used in level 1
  • other soft blue #80ffff:Used as columns in level 2
  • light purple #8080ff:Not Used
  • pink? #ff0080: Something bad to discourage people from just trying to fall down to the goal.
  • orange #ff8040: Trampolines or something. Placed in area where a jump of three spaces isn’t enough.

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