Here goes…

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September 6th, 2008 3:35 am

so I’m going to be making a tile-based level editor… a 3D one… kind of. I guess really its 2.5D but whatever, heres a mockup of the interface:

fugly mockup

to tell the truth I’m still working on the bits of it that build the level, but I guess that grows up with the editor, so hopefully it will all fall into place and if not, I’ll learn something :)


so its started coming together:

yay, 3d flash tiles

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2 Responses to “Here goes…”

  1. zproxy says:

    Cant wait for it to be finished! Will it be online?

  2. GirlFlash says:

    I will upload the editor, though I will prolly hold on to the interpeter for loading the files into a game, at least until I release a game with it, then I’ll prolly let it all out for free use/modification. it will be pretty messy though ^_^’

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