Crystal Towers Timelapse

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August 14th, 2008 5:14 am

Well no video :) Just some time scale of how things went. Well times are not precise but close.


9:00 – Read theme and went to sport gym.
13:00 – Back and ready to develop :) Decided to use some opensource engine as result should be opensource. Started to look for some.
13:15 – Well sourceforge was having some problems so I was not able to download box2D AS3 remake. Well I went for APE

16:00 – Took me some time to read documentation and try to fix few things engine lacked and produced this. Well seeing current game you can see why I dropped the idea of using APE :) This is not even close to my needs :) Source forge was still buggy and I could not download box2d sources so I took a break with watching some Heroes series and eating.

18:00 – Returned from break :) Heroes were intriguing 😀 Well started to read forum about AS3 version of box2D hoping that sourceforge will fix problems soon. Well it did and I started to experiment.


1:30 – Finished experimenting with box2D. Made graphics you see right now and hand platforms and randomly falling but still buggy blokes. Probably you may say that some 30-40% of game was ready.

9:00 – Got up and while eating my ordinary breakfast was writing journal about my progress. Watched another episode of heroes and went to shop for pizza ingredients and some cola.

11:00 – returned to work on crystal towers.

16:00 – Well finished writing controller class. Tested all blocks. Finished PlayerMimiker for replays and tested it a bit. And went to a break with pizza and some more episodes of heroes :)

18:00 – Returned to work. Well got to a stage i hated really much. Making a working user interface. Flash IDE is bad for that… I hope they will merge Flesh with Flex sometime in future. So somewhere after 4 hours of programming my brain was a mess. I started to get lost in my project and feared to break something in a last moment.


2:30 – Finished my Final version and posted it.


Well I suppose that it was stupid of me to nto experement with engines on week before but I was not shore if I participate and was not shore waht to experement on before competition. Well I ended up learning two Flash physics engiens over weekends 😀 Other then that everything went smooth probably beocse I tried to keep things simple.


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