Junktowers final

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August 10th, 2008 6:51 pm

Screenshot of Junktowers

Got it done!

Jump through the levels and grab the golden owls to win.

left/right = move
spacebar = jump
r = reset level
ESC = exit

Used pygame, pyopengl and pybox2d.

Py2Exe version for windows here.
Source version for everyone else here.

EDIT: Check Bikko’s awesome comment if you want a quick guide on building pybox2d in linux

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  1. bikko says:

    Hey! Took a while for me to get pybox2d compiled but that’s an awesome game! Way to go!

    For anyone else who needs to compile pybox2d on say ubuntu:
    sudo apt-get install swig
    go here: http://code.google.com/p/pybox2d/wiki/Downloading
    follow the instructions
    change the make file in Box2d/Source/ to add -fPIC (if you’re on x86_64)
    run make (in Box2D/Source)
    don’t forget to download the three files in the instructions on that page…
    you might have to add a few command line parameters to “swig” in the setup.py script… I did (-classic -nomodern -nomodernargs -nofastunpack)

  2. bikko says:

    also… I would LOVE to play more levels for this game!!! :) :)
    Maybe some levels going downward? (Not sure how feasible it is to make it a challenge to get downward….)

    Did you write a level editor for it?

  3. Papper says:

    Thanks for the nice comments, and thanks for writing the description on how to build pybox2d!

    But, no I did not write a level editor, I realized too late how tedious building the maps would be. And by the time I felt I needed an editor it was kind of too late. That’s also the reason for the game having so few maps. Basically, the map-building process was: 1. Write numbers in a text file 2. Run the game to see how it looks 3. Goto 1


    If you want to play around with the maps a bit they are defined as:
    start_x start_y
    goal_x goal_y
    object_type x_pos y_pos rotation
    .. more objects ..

    a “box” objects has these parameters: width height
    a “tri” object has these parameters: base_width heigh offset — Where offset is the offset of the tip from the center
    a “sphere” object has these parameters: radius

  4. ken says:

    Cool game. I wonder if walking on slopes/etc could be implemented? Some more usage of joints from box2d would be interesting, too!

    As for compiling pybox2d on Linux/Ubuntu, you should be able to just grab the source package after installing the dependencies. The rest of the files are included in there (the .i files and the setup.py and all).

  5. Papper says:

    I’m quite sure it could be implemented, but as this was my first time ever using box2d I decided to keep it simple. :)

    If I ever remake this post-compo there’s tons of stuff I want to include, joints and motors being two of them. Static objects, objects the player don’t collide with, ropes, etc. If I did a remake it, it would probably be more along the lines of an obstacles course kind of thing, rather than climbing a tower. Junkyard obstacle course maybe? :)

  6. alia says:

    Rah! Awesome idea.. so simple.. so addictive! nice work :)

  7. Dock says:

    I just played this, it’s great fun! I love how tense it gets when trying to avoid letting the platforms all collapse.

  8. Anonymous Coward says:

    404 -> http://www.kekbur.se/junktowers-src.rar

    and please, dont use .rar for the rest of the world…

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