Commander Blunt – Final Entry

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August 10th, 2008 7:02 pm

¬†EDIT: Mac OS X binary, uh, works only if you have pygame, apparently. I’ll keep it up but I’ll get a better binary compiled tomorrow. And here’s a link to a slightly better version of the game (source code), just for kicks. Same gameplay and everything, except the AI for the robots don’t trap themselves so you can actually have a chance to lose. As usual, python should do the job. And by the way, even though it looks like tetris, you can’t rotate the blocks. The block displayer shows the permanent configuration of the block.

EDIT 2: keeyai graciously (and spontaneously, to my surprise!) hosted a windows executable at

Now you windoze users can experience my shameful hack of a game as well! :)

This is the story (it’s not anywhere in the game, actually): You are a builder of skyscraping towers, and there’s robots trying to pillage a beautiful and unseen suburbia behind your tower on the right side of the screen. You destroy the robots by building tetris-shaped tower components (containing rooms like banks, chairs, and sauron’s eye) on top of them, thereby crushing their metallic bodies. The robots, on the other hand, can fly and blow up your towers, and come in an endless stream.

OS X binary

Source (requires pygame)

The concept of the game is that you have to build a tower with tetris blocks. The catch is that there are these robots that you have to prevent from going to the other side, and they can do nasty things like scale your walls or blow them up. The tetris blocks also have a bit of (buggy) physics with them, but they’re supposed to fall down like normal blocks and crush the robots. I didn’t really have time to do levels, so I just put in a no-win condition and let it free. All in all it was a bit wimpy, but I’m happy with it since it’s my first try.

Sorry about the art, tried my best:)

Now, for some details:

Gameplay – simply move your mouse around and click to drop the tetris tiles. They’ll do their job of crushing the bad guys easily enough.

Running from source – is the entry point for the game

The game isn’t quite ready as it is yet, since I rushed the enemies and the win conditions, but I don’t think I have the time to improve it.

Pygame, Python for programming
Pixen for art


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