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August 10th, 2008 12:14 pm

[updated with bbfreeze link instead of just sources]

Here is the final entry:

It should contain now an “owl.exe” which supposedly will work without python/pygame/pyopengl. It’s made using bbfreeze. No idea if it actually works. If you have the three dependencies, then running should work instead.

Not really done, but I’m too tired to do anything anymore. It’s possible to reach the top, just recorded a video of it, will post it later. It’s way too hard/tedious in any case. In the end, I wasted too much time on little things (like getting the 3d-wrap-around done) and spent way too little time on the actual gameplay and level design. Oh well, still was lots of fun, I coded more-or-less non-stop :)


Oh, nice comments..  editing here as a reply. A few things:

If you run into a cat while carrying a block, it will respawn at its original position. So you can always get the map back to its original state.. just can be somewhat tedious :)

The tunnel cat jump is rather easy, harder jumps are waiting further up. The three mice below it should give you a hint about the solution :)

If you don’t want to repeat the two times of tedious block-building in the beginning, open up “data/The Tower.txt” in a text editor, then find the “P” in line 79 (and don’t ready any lines below to avoid spoilers :P), and replace it with a “.”. Then go to line 30 or wherever you want and replace a “.” by a “P” :) After tunnel cat some more difficult jumps and two less tedious blocks puzzles await, so if you actually played until up there, it might be worth it :)

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4 Responses to “done”

  1. erik says:

    You might want to know, I had to change all the glColor3f() calls to glColor4f() to get it to run with PyOpenGL 2.

  2. allefant says:

    Thanks, will fix it and upload a new version. I wonder why it worked here. Oh well.

  3. kai says:

    Might be the same error as above, but I get this:
    $ python
    open /dev/sequencer: No such file or directory
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “”, line 14, in ?
    File “/home/kaijohnson/Desktop/owl_by_alefant/src/”, line 549, in main
    File “/home/kaijohnson/Desktop/owl_by_alefant/src/”, line 59, in init
    self.svg = SVG(“data/owl/drawing.svg”)
    File “/home/kaijohnson/Desktop/owl_by_alefant/src/”, line 121, in __init__
    File “/home/kaijohnson/Desktop/owl_by_alefant/src/”, line 125, in normalize_to_bounds
    File “/home/kaijohnson/Desktop/owl_by_alefant/src/”, line 73, in normalize_to_bounds
    glColor3f(r, g, b, a)
    TypeError: glColor3f() takes exactly 3 arguments (4 given)

  4. allefant says:

    Yes, it’s the same problem. For some reason, the PyOpenGL I have here didn’t complain :/ Anyway, new version is being uploaded as I write this

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