Balkor FINAL [Platform independant]

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August 10th, 2008 6:47 pm

Well I finished this (rather, uploaded what I had). I wanted to expand the game slightly more and FIX THESE DARN COLLISION bugs. Sorry :P. So yeah there’s collision bugs with: Tornados, miniboss’s attacks, and shooting the final boss. So anyway… I hope you enjoy this funny glitchy game! 😀 Also, the miniboss shoots missiles where I least expected them. He was supposed to shoot 7 on either side of him; that’s another one of the numerous glitches I couldn’t fix. Also there’s a glitch with the platform in the room where the final boss is. Too bad. You can still beat the game though 😀

Screens from earlier:

Tools used:

1. JCreator LE – A Java IDE. Web:
2. Anvil Studio – Midi music creation. Web:
3. Sfxr – A simple sound creation tool. Web:
4. – A free online converter. Used to convert files to .snd Java sound format.
5. The Gimp – Image creation. Web:
6. MS Paint – Mostly used for determining good image sizes.
7. ETL – Used to screenshot at a certain interval. Created by me,

Java source included; run javac and it’ll compile.


1. An attempt and mostly pathetic storyline (limited with the time)
2. Pretty good graphics
3. Pretty nice music (6 compositions made total, 5 used in game.)
4. Sounds; only 2 used unfortunately (time limit)
5. Platform independent
6. Shooting
7. Dual movement system; walking + flying
8. Cutscenes (Skip with “s”)
9. A miniboss and a boss
10. Created with java – Platform independent. Runs on mac/linux
11. The source code! (Don’t bother, it’s 2700 lines in ONE FILE)
12. 8 rooms
13. Coded from SCRATCH; a 100% blank page.

Glitches (Mostly collisions):
1. You can land inside the first platform
2. Miniboss – doesn’t shoot as often as I’d like; spikes don’t hurt you, 7 missiles were supposed to come out of each side of him.. yeah that didn’t work.
3. Final boss missile glitches; doesn’t hit you when you’re inside the missile
4. Platform in the final boss room – twitches your position when you land on it.
5. If using firefox, the music will still be playing if you close the tab the game was in.

@ Responses to judge remarks:
First off, sorry. I forgot to put the known glitches and features in this post. I’ve listed them now. Many of the things you guys mentioned I did not have enough time to fix before releasing this game.

@ Edge: Yes, I wanted to expand the game more too (I had 1 extra song composed, 3 extra maps, and numerous sound effects that I did not have time to add to the game). Time did not allow for it. I submitted the game 12 minutes before the deadline as it was.

To all judges: Thanks for taking the time to even play this little game ;).


7 Responses to “Balkor FINAL [Platform independant]”

  1. Colin says:

    Hey Matt love your work. This one is pretty darn good for a 2 day project glad you hosted it on here. So people can view how you made it within 48 hours. Hope your King of Lands game is going well. Hope to see you soon.

  2. jimmy1 says:

    Hey Matt love your great work. Keep up the good. Work. Maybe if you add me we can play h1 or csgo together one day. Again keep up the good work.

  3. photoboothcomau says:

    nice job, Keep up good work .

  4. jerry0111 says:

    I haven’t played this game. I will try it after reading your post.

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  6. jerry0111 says:

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