Gasp, foiled again

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August 9th, 2008 1:23 am

Well, looks like I’m with PoV, not going to be able to continue on LD12. My wife is off to Seattle next week for her grandma’s funeral, so I’m not going to be a total jerk and work on code all weekend. I did come up with a concept, feel free to implement anything from it that you’d like. I basically wanted to flip tower defense, and make it so you were intruding a fortress (giant tower with guns)

Look & feel:

Very few colors, either monochrome with green pixels, or inverted with slight shades. Very sprite heavy 2d graphics, with small particle engines that use transparencies (removes the true old-school feel while still feeling really really cool)

The main character is either a super deformed ninja, a less super deformed ninja, a karate robot, or a robot with huge hands.

Enemies look like evil undead zombies, the fortress looks like some kind of laboratory that would spawn evil undead zombies.

So basic gameplay mechanics –

2.5D, you can move left right, slightly up and down in perspective

Two attacks, one is for launching enemies, one is for smashing enemies. The game is pretty simple, try to take down the tower’s defense system so you can infiltrate it.

The tower has 4 methods of defense:

–  1: swarming guys at you from an opening in the front. This is actually how you wind up doing the most damage, because the minions swarmed at you make ammo that you can juggle and fling back at the fortress. When you launch an enemy, they temporarily fly off screen, then on their way back to earth you can either jump and launch them towards the fortress, jump off of them, or launch them into space again using the launch attack.

– 2: two laser cannons that are rather difficulty to kill, and will fry you if you get too close to the tower when they are activated. You MUST destroy the laser cannons to get into the tower, or else you will get zapped.

– 3: missile launchers on the top of the building. Although these are somewhat docile, when they do launch a missile or two, they can cause serious harm. You do not need to destroy them, but doing so will help you greatly when you’re being showered upon by missiles and bad guys.

– 4: finally, the tower itself has health points. You can’t just enter a fortress without destroying a bit of it first!

The game also implements a time limit, so you can’t dink around for too long, and a health bar incase you let too many minions hit you, or one too many missiles injure you.

Yeah, so I really can’t work on this this weekend unfortunately, next week my wife is off to Seattle for the week though, so either I’m going to work on a new TIGs entry for “demake”, finish Ultraviolent Moon Patrol, work on beatShmup, work on Tetris for NES, or start some totally new game. Anyways, I’ll lurk on the IRC channel and judge games :)

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  1. kai says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your wife’s grandmother. Kind of puts things into perspective. I hope your wife is doing ok, relatively speaking.

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