First Demo of “Choke Point”

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August 9th, 2008 5:23 pm

Here us the first demo of Choke Point. It is an air-traffic control game where you try land planes so they can pick up and deliver medical supplies:

(It might take a minute to show up, so don’t worry)

To play, you have to click on the planes to land them.  The airstrip can only hold a few planes at a time, though, and bigger planes take more space.  When the green bar at the airstrip is full, space has run out. If you try to land a plane on a full strip, it won’t listen to you.

Every time a plane takes off on its own, it carries cargo to be delivered to people in need.  You can make a plane take off early to clear room on the strip, but it will take off without its cargo.  You need to airlift all of the cargo (blue bar at the airstrip) before time runs out.

The fuel is always running down on all the planes, so keep an eye on that–when they run out of fuel, they crash, and you lose points.

That’s about it!  Let me know what you think and what kind of problems you run into.  Have a good night!

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  1. kai says:

    Hey, I really liked it. Just a few small issues I noticed:
    1. If you let the planes fly off in the beginning, it seems they don’t come back. Maybe they do eventually, or maybe that’s part of the game, but I got confused by that.

    2. I am using something like 1024 x 768 for my screen, and the applet itself seems to want about that. So I had to scroll to see the edges of the screen.

    I can’t wait to see what it looks like at the end of tomorrow.

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