First lunch while I ponder The Tower

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August 8th, 2008 8:01 pm

BBQ Chicken, Greek Salad and Egg salad. Thinking tall thoughts. Thinking Atari 2600 … time for some research.

Oh, and while grocery shopping, I got all twitchy with excitement and managed to knock over a box of Okra at $12.99 per kg. Luckily they didn’t make me pay for it, or I’d be eating Okra-based food all weekend :)


2 Responses to “First lunch while I ponder The Tower”

  1. GBGames says:

    Atari 2600, eh? I was thinking about Towering Inferno. I love that game!

  2. pansapiens says:

    Yeh, I could suddenly envisage a tower climbing game written in Batari Basic. But it could be a bit of a steep learning curve, even if it is only BASIC :)

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