ETL: Windows app to create timelapse images

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August 8th, 2008 3:11 pm

Hello, this is going to be my first LudumDare, and I decided I wanted to create a timelapse movie. Well, I created ETL or Easy Time Lapse. Choose a file format (BMP or JPG), a minute interval (cannot be decimals), and click the button to begin. Tada! Screenshots will be created in a /screens directory.

Random info

  1. If you create a timelapse ever 1 minute, you will have 2880 images.
  2. The size of those bitmaps will be approximately 8.5gb
  3. The size of those jpegs will be approximately 500mb

Based on 3mb for BMP, 170kb for JPEG. The quality of the jpegs isn’t bad either, in fact, it’s great. I encourage you to try it out before hand, and sorry for releasing this so soon to the competition start but I hope at least one person will use it ;).

Link (Windows ONLY; any version should work): [~500kb]

This program also doesn’t do anything fancy like adding in the time to the image. I wanted to release it ASAP.

4 Responses to “ETL: Windows app to create timelapse images”

  1. jovoc says:

    Cool thanks! I’ll check it out. Can you restart if if you need to reboot or something?

  2. Daz says:

    Yes. It uses a text file to remember where it left off in terms of numbering. If you notice when you press the button to start it, the text changes to stop it.

  3. Varmitharen says:

    Yeah, I know this was made in 2008, but I’d really like to use it now. Can you please rehost it, preferably on something like Dropbox? Cause the link is broken.

  4. jasonsmith says:

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