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July 4th, 2008 2:59 pm

and the theme is THE GAME OF THE MOVIE!

you have to pick a movie, and make a game from it.

now if you want to stick to tradition, the game should have as little to do with the movie as possible, the plot should be abused, characters poorly represented and bits added and removed as though the whole thing went through a blender with a totally different movie.

and as promised, there is a bonus optional theme Unicorn! madder props are awarded for having a unicorn in the game somewhere, especially if it doesnt fit the movie πŸ˜€

Remember, its not a competition, but that doesent mean you cant all be competetive πŸ˜‰


8 Responses to “MINI LD#2 IS GOOOOO!”

  1. GirlFlash says:

    contrary to popular belief, the theme is not turnips πŸ˜€

  2. Kester says:

    Though it may include it if necessary.

  3. GirlFlash says:

    to be honest its hard NOT to include turnips.

  4. HexDecimal says:

    Of course, you could include this just about anywhere in your game:

  5. julian says:

    Well, I was planning on doing this, but it’s a little too hard.

  6. julian says:

    Well, I was planning on doing this, but it’s a little too hard with the theme being ‘The Movie’. So, looks like I’m not doing this one. :(

  7. thedaian says:

    Well, I came up with the perfect idea, and it should be an easy enough game to code. Let’s see how this run goes.

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