Blocks Of Tron

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June 8th, 2008 3:16 pm


Done, multiplayer only… read the readme.


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  1. Detox says:

    This is a pretty neat idea. Network games are so much fun. It looks like from the log file you are using Enet? How do you like it? It worked over our local net here. We haven’t tried it over the internet yet either tho.

    I was a little disoriented at first because I couldn’t see much to get a bearing on where I was or what was moving. So I opened a client and server on 1 computer using localhost (default) and then closed the client. It allowed me to keep moving around in the server game. Once I did that it was pretty cool driving around in a 3D tron bike!

  2. X-0ut says:

    It was my first time using enet. So far I like it a lot, its very lightweight.
    Will have to do more thorough testing :)

  3. X-0ut says:

    Little update:
    Had 4 way mutliplayer game over the internet earlier.. worked very well and pretty good fun.
    Will polish it up and clean up some bugs.

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