Ah… I give up :(

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June 8th, 2008 3:49 pm

Well I am new to Ludum Dare so hi everyone.

Wanted to participate this time but now when there is almost no time left and my mini project being far from playable stage… Ehh… But in some way it was fun. I even wrote some weird maze generator. You can see flash version here.

Idea was about “Snake Vs Pacman” where you play a snake in a maze and hunt down Pacman’s which try to run away using some path finding. When you eat Pacman you grow your tale which you can use to block pacmans runaway path. When you eat all the pacmans in a maze a new one is created with narrower corridors and more pacmans. Also there was idea that there may be some mushrooms that makes pacmans enraged for a while so that they can eat of your tail.

Well i made some mistakes in path finding and after 16 hours awake i don’t have any working brain cells left… May be i will upload this bugged version tomorrow or latter when i finish it or something.

Good luck to those who are still finishing their game worlds breaking gods 7 day record 😀

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