Mini-LD #1 Begins! Theme Here!

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June 6th, 2008 5:00 pm

HOORAY! You all have until 6PM PDT on Sunday (0100 UTC on Monday) to turn in your entries! To submit your entry, just post a blog post here on LD, in the category “Mini LD #1”. In the Tags section, put “final” (along with whatever tags are appropriate) to indicate it’s your final entry. Your post should include a screenshot, and a download link for your game. Please use ZIPs, not installers! There’s no hosting for your game here, but if you don’t have a place, you can use graciously provided by GirlFlash.

With all that said, what’s the theme?!?! Well, keep in mind this isn’t LD. You don’t just take one word and interpret it as you like. Instead, you need to follow the recipe given below! And here it is:


Select two extremely famous and iconic characters (real or fictional, human or non-human). They must be well-known to a reasonable number of people. They should be as utterly unrelated as possible. Make a game entitled “A vs. B” (where A and B are the names of the two characters, duh). The actual type of game and content then should be inspired by what kind of gameplay you need for those two to be in conflict! It does not need to be a 2-player game, or any kind of head-to-head thing (like a fighting game). For example, one character might have a base, and the other has an airplane, so it’s a vertical shooter. Whatever fits for the characters! Existing example: Bambi Vs. Godzilla (not a game, but to give you an idea of the concept). Made-up Example: Frankenstein vs. Ghandi.

Go to it, minions! Make me a VERSUS GAME!


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