Ludum Dare, Mini LD #1 – Hosted by Hamumu

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May 27th, 2008 4:05 pm

From the mailing list:

Hey everybody,

Big news about Ludum Dare.

First off, is back. After years of floating around the internets, we’re finally back home where it all started.

We’ve been extremely happy with how Ludum Dare 10 and 11 with WordPress have worked out, so we made it official. A bunch of us got together, threw some money in a pot, and set up a dedicated host. Phil Hassey has already migrated the combined LD10 and LD11 site over to our new host. If you’ve tried accessing anything off Phil’s Imitation Pickles site, you’ve already being redirected.

The syndicated community feeds of user blogs have been isolated from the compo site, and now reside on a separate section called Planet Ludum.

If you have a development blog that mostly covers your game making and related efforts, let Phil or myself know, and we’ll syndicate you. Be sure to have an RSS feed url handy.

Finally, we now have a work-in-progress hub website at the root, plus a news feed for those RSS inclined individuals.

We still have much work ahead of us. Several unfinished pages (about), streamlining the site navigation, plus an endless wishlist of ways to expand and improve the community. Think of us as now in perpetual Web 2.0 Beta. :)

Next, a new non compo coming up in under 2 weeks. Friday June 6th, Hamumu will be hosting the first Mini LD48 Compo.…/hamumu-style/

We’re trying something new here. If things go according to plan, Mini LD Compos will be monthly. If you’ve participated in our “non competitions” in the past, it’s very much like one of those. They’re not judged competitions, but unlike the previous “non competitions”, somebody volunteers to be the host. The host chooses the date, can choose to change/tweak any previously established rules, and the theme. Ultimately, a host can choose to run their compo the classic way (theme voting), but one of the goals of the Mini LD Compos is to try some new things. Be it to bring back some of the more experimental themes, or to ‘beta test’ new ideas for the compo process.

Mini LD’s are new and evolving addition to the community. If you have any thoughts or feedback, get in contact with us on IRC or respond to the discussions on the compo blog. Or if you’re a Ludum Dare veteran and want to try your hand at orchestrating a compo, visit the Wiki to claim a spot, and join us on IRC to discuss it.

And one final note about the next event compo (Ludum Dare 12). We don’t have a date set yet, but we’re (I’m) strongly considering (pushing) for some time in August 2008. Stay tuned.

– Mike Kasprzak (PoV)

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  1. Rogelio M says:

    Woo hoo! Ludum Dare is back.

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