Announcement: Mini LD48 #1 – Hamumu Style!

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May 27th, 2008 11:33 am

Suffer, my minions! Friday, June 6th at 6:00PM Pacific Time (Someone else figure out the GMT there), we are hereby commencing the world of Mini LD with a grand explosion of Hamumu-time Fun-brand Entertainment-ness!

The theme will be announced at compo start, and the rules are standard Mini-LD rules. The only host change I am making is:

1 – You may use any preexisting code, art, sound or anything else. No limits on this one! Okay, one limit: What you use has to be legal. If you didn’t make it, you need to have the rights to use it. Yes, you can totally take something you’ve made before and modify it. No, you can’t take something you’ve made before and just shrug your shoulders and turn it in as is.

That’s it! As far as I know, this is an unjudged contest, just a chance for 48 hours of game developing madness. As the first ever official Mini LD, it’s probably going to go off with a lot of hitches, so bear with us and tell Phil to make it all better.

There’s no official signing up, but it’d be cool if you’d post a comment here announcing your intent. I hope we get lots of folks. Anyone can enter, and like regular LD, in the end, you’ll post a blog entry with a link to your game and a screenshot. Then we’ll bug Phil to make an image grid out of it.

Mike Hommel (Hamumu)

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19 Responses to “Announcement: Mini LD48 #1 – Hamumu Style!”

  1. pymike says:

    Yay! I’ll totally try to do this one, if all goes well. :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Can we take LD11’s entry, stab it with some red hot pokers, hold it over the fire, beat it over the anvil, set it on the window sill to cool, and then shrug our shoulders and turn it in?

  3. Hamumu says:

    as long as the shrugging is preceded by other activities, it is fine.

  4. GirlFlash says:

    oooh, the first hour or so of usual compos I tend to be typing stuff that does something I’ve done before, so it will definately be more time spent on what makes the game unique if we can recycle 😀

    I cant wait for this to kick off!

  5. Keeyai says:

    I MIGHT have a schedule conflict, but if not I’m definitely in.

  6. kohai says:

    i might be in … if my girl gives me some spare time :)

  7. adamzap says:

    I hope to be in. Hooray for my first LD.

  8. Uhfgood says:

    I might make it a point to start entering these, just to start getting good with my M4D sK111z

  9. WhiteWingDemon says:

    I think I’ll give this one a shot. I’ve always wanted to do one but never had the time. :/

  10. Detox says:

    Well it looks like this might be my jumping in point. I’ve got a little toolbox started and this sounds like a fun way to get a some use out of it.

  11. Demize says:

    Well, I suppose I can try this. I might not make it though, because my imagination isn’t very good. Are partners allowed, or does it have to be solo?

  12. shrt says:

    I’ll be unable to participate in the first 24 hours or so, but will definitely try to get something done in the remaining time!

  13. supersilver says:

    no clue what this is. you wastin’ my time.

  14. Hamumu says:

    Sorry to waste your time. I can understand how troublesome it must be for you that millions of websites exist for discussing things you aren’t interested in.

    Ludum Dare is a solo contest, but given that you’re allowed to use anything you want to make your game in this one, that kind of gives you partners by default. At the very least, you could let someone else make something for you, then take that something and voila, you are working by yourself and using whatever you want!

  15. Mocker says:

    Oo nice, this looks like fun.

  16. greencow says:

    I’ll try to hop in on this one =]

  17. Ducky says:

    I am only a beginner, but even I hope to show something off. Hopefully,
    it will be a good experience for some of us newer members.

  18. awesty says:

    Since the only thing I have on this weekend is a 4 hour shift at work I might enter this one.

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