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Mini LD48!

Posted by
May 25th, 2008 5:56 pm

Hey, visit the rules wiki to see what I’ve put down for Mini LD. I’ve got a set of rules (well, a list of ways it’s different from normal rules), and a host sign up page, which I conveniently nabbed the first slot on. Feel free to edit and improve the whole thing. This isn’t my deal, it’s the community’s.

Things still quite unknown include: how judging works, or not if we don’t do that, and what category/tags/whatever the entries and journals need to go into. Will each one have its own category? Maybe a general Mini-LD category? If so, how do we separate the entries for different months? These things need work.

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6 Responses to “Mini LD48!”

  1. GirlFlash says:

    this is an awesome idea! *claims july*

    as for the tags thing, couldnt there just be unique tags for each month? for example ‘mld_01_08’ or something like that?

  2. PoV says:

    I’ve added a new category for Mini LD entries (conveniently titled MiniLD). I like this tag idea, though I’m sure we could debate the exact format forever. :)

  3. philhassey says:

    if we don’t bother with judging (my preference) that will work perfectly :)

  4. PoV says:

    While we’re on the subject, I’d like to “encourage” the host to do a follow up post that links/lists all the entries.

  5. mrfun says:

    It would be nice if the mini comp will still support the ‘final’ tag so we could auto-generate some kind of “author/name/screenshot/link to his final post” page that would make it easy to browse entries.

  6. Hamumu says:

    yeah, with the collage!

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