I’m realizing as I read through the feedback on my game that it isn’t exactly obvious that your character is actually moving, instead of just waiting for rats to run into his blade.  Notice how if you point your mouse away from the rats, the rats appear to slow down and move backwards relative to you?  And when your character turns the wrong way, that’s because of the way the vector addition works out– try moving the mouse further clockwise or counter-clockwise and see if that makes him do what you want.  And those big white things are walls.  My game simply fails to communicate a sense of movement because none of the terrain is textured.


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  1. HybridMind says:

    I was able to survive for almost a full minute now, yah! 😉

    Thanks for the tips. I had a question, how are you doing the rat vs player battles / collision? Like, are you detecting if the rat hits right on the ‘point’ of the sword or just the front of the player? I couldn’t really figure out what happened sometimes when I died because it would seem I was stabbing rats. Maybe you are just supposed to run away?

    I did find it fun to keep looping around the arena like a mad pied piper being chased by hundreds of little rodents! 😉

  2. Surrealix says:

    Ahaha, well things make a little more sense now. You really needed some textured background in there.

  3. Dathgale says:

    I’m glad the movement makes sense now, and I’m very pleased that you had fun, HyrbridMind.

    To clarify further, your score is simply how long you survived, so if there are too many rats to take on, just run away. In order to kill a rat, you need to collide with it while facing towards it within 90 degrees. So if you are looking more towards it than you are looking away from it, the game registers a hit for you, regardless of your character graphic. So you will probably end up doing as much killing with your shield as with your sword.

    The rats kill by the same rule, except the player is more powerful and has priority if both characters hit at the same time. You have to be careful about running past a rat, because computers cheat with their perfect reflexes, so the rat will turn and often hit the back half of you, killing you.

  4. HybridMind says:

    Ok- that makes more sense now that you’ve explained how the mechanics work under the hood. Thanks!

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